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All genius, no ego

With more than 30 years in the business and hundreds of design projects on his resume, Anders is a true and multi-facetted master of design and branding. He is also the co-founder of For One, inspiring us all with an unlimited amount of curiosity, generosity, creativity and my-best-work-is-yet-to-come attitude.

Anders is a board member and creative leader at For One. He is the main go-to guy in our Brand design team and even though he has earned every right to be a primadonna, he most certainly is not. Quite the contrary. A more down-to-earth, selfless and generous soul is hard to find among the creative stars in this industry.


Never being full. Always looking ahead and with an ingenious ability to capture the essence of a brand or business idea.

Akilles heel:

Easily loses himself in a project. But that is all good.

Main skills:

Creative strategy | Brand development | Design management | Visual identity | Design systems | Packaging design | Digital design | Brand worlds | Graphic design | Illustrations | Retail design | Marketing campaigns | and more...

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Working together. All is possible.

The For One dream is to become a positive superpower that can initiate and run projects on a global scale. Daring ventures and things that improve the living conditions for all living things on our one and only livable planet. The For One mission is to attract and co-ordinate highly skilled and collaborative individuals and companies from all sorts of disciplines and parts of the world. People who soar above geographical, cultural and mental borders. People with a strong desire to invent, reinvent and develop great things. Together we can complete our mission. So let’s join forces, change the world for the better - and have a great time doing it.

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