Collective individualism - Our way to build great teams and go places

The founders - Jakob and Anders

Anders Björk and Jakob Lindberg founded the 41 collective with a dream of creating an open, super creative and solutions-oriented work environment where we can imagine, reinvent and develop great stuff for ourselves, for clients and for people around us.

The ultimate goal is to get recognised for at least one global impact project that will have a tangible and positive effect on the world we all share - Earth. Along the way we want to have fun, earn a reasonable living and get to work with great people all over the place.

41 members all have their own companies, individual dreams, drives and personal ambitions but they all also believe in teamwork as the ultimate way to do great things. Working seamlessly with others actually makes us better individually.

Did you know that "TEAM" is short for Together Each Achieves More? Well now you do :)

At 41 we are all individualists with personal agendas yet we are all caring and generous people and we leave our egos at the door. We call this collective individualism and it is our way to be the best we can be.

We go all in for one another, for the projects we do and for the people we work with and for. We believe it is all a givers game. If you hope to get something, it is always a good thing to start by being generous to others. That way we will feel good about ourselves and get great things done!

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston Churchhill

It is not a walk in the park though. We want to work with talented and engaged people who have the drive and stamina for this kind of life. People who do not care for titles or conventions, who will adapt to any challenge and drive for the goal with a smile on their faces. Individuals who love doing things with others and selflessly contribute to the collective if needed. People who, in short, go all in with us.

So if you are a skilled professional, a group or a company looking for a place to build yourself and others, look no further. Give us a ring and if there is good chemistry, let us try and find something to do together. It all starts there. That first project is the only way to really know if we are a fit.

With love /41.

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