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Retail design

We admit, it does sound very complex: what the heck is a digi-physical food market hybrid? Well, we sort of came up with it to make a cool headline, but to put it simply; it's a combination of a classic bistro restaurant, a food market and an e-com distribution center. All in one. A place to eat and shop and/or pick up pre-ordered meals including non-food things. An experiment for sure, but a very very interesting one if you take a glance at current consumer trends in the market.

The Sturehof gang certainly does not rest on its laurels. Instead, they boldly venture into new unchartered territories always with an eye on keeping their core values intact: delivering quality experiences. And we just love this, people who dare to evolve and renew. We've had a great time designing, developing and finally opening the Sturehof Matmarknad in Garnisonen, Stockholm.


Concept development | Store planning | Store building | Interior design | Interior & exterior signage | Sourcing & production | Project management | And more


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