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Visions made crystal clear

Picture by Katie Moun

If the destination is covered in fog, it does not matter how well the road is built. Your fellow travelers will feel insecure, confused and they will be pulling in different directions. As consultants, often with an outside-in view on things, we see it all too often.

The goal itself may be super clearly worded, sometimes with an exact number: "We're going 8848 meters above sea level!". Meanwhile, the goal picture is more vague, unclear and incomprehensible than you might first think: "We're going to the top of the mountain!" (Absolutely! But which mountain?)

Our tip: If you want to get ahead with the company and bring the gang with you, paint your goal picture as clearly as possible.

If you are going up a mountain, tell your team which mountain. Describe carefully what it looks like and what can be expected of the the view from the top. Do not settle for a number or vague wording such as "... leading in ..." or "... the best in the world ...". Be concrete and clear.

With a clear view of where to go, and this we promise you, your co-workers will focus less on the fact that the road ahead may be difficult. Instead, they will imagine the wonderful view and tingling feeling of arriving at the top. It creates commitment, gets people moving in the same direction and opens up valuable initiatives and creativity in finding ways forward.

It is called a visionary approach, and it is a proven recipe for success. Ask anyone who has stood on the summit of Mount Everest.

Working together, all is possible. If you have a clear target to reach.


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