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Henrik Öhrnstedt - Sales expert

In 2020, we went looking for a business area manager to recruit for Cervera Företag. Someone that could make the new concept we had envisioned come true. We found Henrik, a super nice guy passionate about sales and who could bring a very interesting skillset with experiences from the SaaS (Service as a software) business.

Great, we thought, this could be a perfect match in our ambition to rethink a B2B business. We were right. Henrik certainly delivered for Cervera and he turned out to be so good that we snatched him back to For One when we got the chance.

Henrik has become one of four partners at For One, spearheading our ambition to develop our very own new business concepts such as new digital products for retail and innovative technologies for the construction industry. He is also a senior advisor in multiple client projects and a highly valued member of For One.


Henrik is like a Swiss Army knife, handy in a great many things, but he truly excels in driving sales all the way in to the "kakel".

Main skills:

Service development | SaaS | Sales management | New business development | Digital service development | and much more

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