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A new world order

We believe that the world needs less borders and we dream of a global society free from territorial, political and cultural egos. Therefore, For One has created a mind game and scenario explorations platform that we call Digizen®.

In essence, the idea is to offer a digital citizenship in the Digizen® Earth people nation to anyone who applies. A digital passport and identity in a digital nation that is fully owned and controlled by its citizens - and no one else. When that is in place and some Digizens are connected to each other, what can we do? This article is written at that exact moment in our thought process.

We know this may sound like a naïve idea, but really mind-boggling visions are what make us tick - so yeah, why not!? If there is even a slight opportunity to make the world a better place, let's see how far we can go. At For One, we nurture thoughts and give support to projects we love and that truly inspires us.

Join in and contribute

This is just an idea in the making. To make it real, we will need a lot of stuff, especially interesting people who can bring valueable experiences and skills to the project. For us it's a love project at this stage. We move slow, but once we meet the right people there is every intent to accelerate and go live with stuff as soon as humanly possible.

Why is this important?

Well, we are believers of decentralisation of structures and power.

There is a good talk on this subject. Watch it here.

Support the Digizen® dream - Buy the Hoodie

We have a small batch of really nice Digizen® Hoodies. You can choose any color as long as it is the color of love, red. To order, send us an email on

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