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Peter Hesslin - The e-com guru

“I have broad experience in leadership at many levels, everything from middle manager to CEO in global management groups in large corporations. During my years, I have learned to appreciate and value the various personalities in a team, how the right composition and dynamics and trust can create wonders”

Peter Hesslin has a track record of over 30 years in leadership, e-commerce, and e-commerce logistics, both in Sweden and internationally. One of Peter's key strengths lies in his profound understanding of the e-commerce industry and its evolving landscape. He recognizes the importance of constant development in technology and knowledge transfer and has a passion for sustainability. At every level of his work, he incorporates the sustainability dimension, driven by the idea of steering the e-commerce industry's journey in the right direction. This holistic approach allows him to address issues from a 360 perspective, encompassing various aspects such as customer experience, e-commerce requirements, digital interfaces, and logistics solutions.

Whether it's optimizing logistics for reduced carbon footprint or enhancing the customer journey through cutting-edge digital interfaces, Peter's dedication to creating positive change in the e-commerce landscape will for sure pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.


Peters superpower is his forte in crafting management teams that thrive with success, prioritise well-being, and maintain long-term sustainability.


| Leadership | Management | Sustainability work | E-commerce strategy | Logistics | Consumer experience | Retail |

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