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Clever giftcards

In 2020, revitalised and highly successful retailer Cervera joined with For One in a business partnership, exploring opportunities to add new business and revenues. We ended up in innovating, developing and launching two innovative business areas in rapid succession: Cervera Vintage and Cervera Företag (B2B).

Following the immediate success, we saw an opportunity to add yet more potential revenue for Cervera Företag and came up with Cervera Giftshop, a corporate gifting concept that makes giving smooth while the receiving experience becomes more personal, fun and exclusive thanks to a curated selection of high-quality products from iconic brands. We put the concept on high-speed development and launched in October 2021.

Henrik Örnstedt, Business area director, Cervera Företag (at the time) says:

Customers love this. Its win-win for everyone involved and, best of all, its a clever repackaging of existing Cervera assets and skills making it a low cost, high return venture.

In close collaboration with the great people at Cervera, this solution was innovated and developed by a multidisciplinary case team from For One. One key member of the team, creative strategist Georg Sievert, reflects on the project:

"Imagine the feeling when a surfer catches the perfect wave. That's the Cervera Giftshop experience. In an ocean of potential gifts, we present the receiver with a curated selection of high-quality products from iconic brands. Gifts that he or she actually desires and the 'donate to charity' alternative guarantees that someone in need will benefit. Everybody wins."

If you are looking to show someone a little love or appreciation, look no further. You will find the perfect solution right here:


Special thanks to all of you out there who contributed to this successful project, one way or another. This was yet another great team effort, For One style :)

For more information regarding this case or other For One related cases, please contact our CEO or head of business development

Working together. All is possible.

The For One dream is to become a positive superpower that can initiate and run projects on a global scale. Daring ventures and things that improve the living conditions for all living things on our one and only livable planet. The For One mission is to attract and co-ordinate highly skilled and collaborative individuals and companies from all sorts of disciplines and parts of the world. People who soar above geographical, cultural and mental borders. People with a strong desire to invent, reinvent and develop great things. Together we can complete our mission. So let’s join forces, change the world for the better - and have a great time doing it.

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