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ForOne stories

since 2015

Ever since ForOne saw its first light of day in 2015 we have been engaged in hundreds of projects for all sorts companies and everyday there is a new story to be told. Here are a few examples.

Let’s talk networking
Like to be independent yet never alone?

“A very impressive strategy transformation and operational implementation, resulting in added revenue, improved market share and increased profitability.”

Stefan Lebrot, CEO, Elon Group AB

“Cervera Vintage is a smart example of how a traditional retail chain combines e-commerce and store network to create a new circular business model.” about Cervera Vintage

“For One helped us shape our business concept and brand for greater scalability and attractiveness.”

Göran Westerberg, CEO, Rusta AB

”For One played a very important part in shaping our EQ concept”

Björn Hauber, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz


“Collaborating with For One is a creative injection and pleasurable way to drive for growth and profitability and to strengthen the shopping for food experience”

Meta Persdotter, CEO, COOP Butiker & Stormarknader

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Johan Wictorin, Founder, Intil Group AB
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