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Gardeners dressed for success

In November 2021, Plantagen launched Gardener's Essentials - a completely new range of high quality, functional and great looking wearables for active days in a garden center. The initiative is a part of a larger ForOne conceptual project purposed to build the best possible garden center customer experience - and it all starts with the co-workers. Karin Hultgren, Concept Development Manager at Plantagen, says:

"We set out to make something completely different from what you normally see in a big retailer environment. Wearables that our co-workers actually love to wear and feel proud of everyday."

The Gardener's Essentials have been designed in Sweden and sourced from factories in Sweden and Portugal. It basically consists of high function Pants (with knee-pads), T-shirts, Aprons, Over shirt, Denim shirt, a Jacket and a Cap. Every piece has been carefully crafted from materials as natural as possible with special attention to details, durability, sustainability and function.

Dennis Lindgren, head of Apparel design in the ForOne case team says:

"I am proud of what we actually achieved together with the Plantagen concept team and our production partners. This collection of high quality and durable wearables not only looks great, but also works wonderfully in an everyday gardener's environment."

This project has been a great team effort from day one and a proof of concept in regards to seamless collaboration between multiple disciplines and parties. Special thanks to all of you out there who contributed!

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