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Updated: May 29

A brand new outdoor company and brand is being created at ForOne as we speak. It is still a bit hush hush but this much we can tell you; Its about re-engineering, multi functionality and, hopefully, it is going to blow a few minds!

This is an idea that some of us at ForOne have been carrying around for a couple of years and suddenly we just had the right people to do it with. That is the beauty of ForOne Allstars. Great entrepreneurial people with mixed skillsets get together and boom, there is something new happening. /Jakob Lindberg, ForOne

For the moment the project goes under the name Strayband and the first product, we call it The Moncho , is now being designed and prototyped by our very own industrial designer Anton Åsberg.

So excited to see what people are going to think about the Moncho. It will have some very cool and unique features! /Anton Åsberg, ForOne

Testing sessions will take place very soon along with a great little group of outdoors experts. If all goes well the first product is hitting the market in the fall of 2023. Stay tuned!

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Updated: May 29

Fast tracking new revenue streams for retailers with digital gift cards and an easy to setup retention solution.

The ForOne Retailers Giftroom© is a digital SaaS service which can be easily integrated with your existing e-commerce platform and basically functions as a powerful complement to the classic gift cards, but with the big advantage of so-called "Gift Cards" is that it provides a better experience for everyone involved and better business on the bottom line for the merchant.

The Giftroom has been developed by ForOne in close collaboration with our hight tech partner Alster. We saw an opportunity to help our customers add business, successfully developed a solution and we are now soft launching a really smart service for our retail clients. /Jakob Lindberg, Partner at ForOne.

Six weeks and you are up and running a new revenue stream.

ForOne Allstars include some of Sweden's leading experts in retail work and we have extensive expertise in technology. For each Giftroom customer, we handpick a team that understands the business, the technology and the customer's brand. The team usually consists of a project manager, a retail specialist, UX/Ui designer and technology manager. A setup takes about 6-8 weeks depending on level of complexity and customisation.

The solution is ready for pilots

We are now ready with the solution and we are looking for our first retailer test pilots to join in. If this sounds like an interesting thing for your company, please contact or and the will help you in any way.

Updated: May 29

Knowing where to go and what things look like when you get there is super important for any team leader or company looking to go places. ForOne VisionMission© projects are designed to help stretch horizons, find opportunities, clarify a new target, plan the road ahead and get everyone engaged on a mission to reach your vision.

This is a ForOne VisionMission

ForOne has designed, developed and perfected an including, effective and engaging process to start any new business development venture. The project normally includes three basic deliverables; (1) An Opportunity Map, (2) A Vision scenario platform and (3) a mission roadmap. Final delivery also typically includes a mission activation kit (presentation & movie) and engagement workshops to energise your organisation.

It is all about teamwork!

We believe in collaborative teams of mixed people and competencies. A ForOne VisionMission team includes; A curious analytic, a creative strategist, a strategic designer and a team coach. The ForOne members are fully integrated with key stakeholders from client side and together we form a joint VisionMission team with one objective only - To set direction and get people engaged!

A proven success for big business leaders and startups

Over the years ForOne have delivered large number of VisionMisson projects for big and small companies. Successful cases include; Elon, Rusta, Plantagen, Nommon, Intil Group and Cervera. We have also used them to create our very own start-ups like CircleBlocks, Digizen, Retailers Giftroom and more. Every VisionMission is tailored to the situation and particular client. Always with a happy recipient on the other end.

What can we do for you?

Looking for new business opportunities, a clear strategy, an actionable roadmap and a energised team? Let's talk.

For new business enquiries please contact

ForOne is a collection of free agents, multi talented entrepreneurs, optimistic visionaries and true team players working together as one in a hybrid agency format. We are on a mission to help imagine, re-engineer and develop companies and we believe that anything is possible as long as we work boundlessly and fearlessly together. ForOne teams will go all in for anyone who have a genuine ambition to build a truly competitive business and make the world a better place.

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