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Alexandra Flink

A creative mind and passionate leader with over 25 years of experience running productions, teams, and brand development, both domestically and internationally. Alexandra has developed an impressive portfolio of successful projects and cases.

She takes overall responsibility for projects and leads seamless processes from concept generation, budget, and work planning to finished production and we guarantee that she has a black belt in creating magic with the resources she has. Alexandra is passionate about branding, communication and efficient processes and likes to work integrated in projects as a strategic partner.

She has also been a mentor and source of advice for marketing managers and various in-house and marketing departments for several years.

With over two decades as a team leader in various media and advertising production, Alexandra has worked with the biggest retail brands and built up an extensive network.

With commitment, an eye for business, and as a creative partner for entire brand concepts, Alexandra confidently leads both large and small teams - always with lots of laughter and positivity.

Growing up in a sports-oriented family, Alexandra has anchored sports and association life both in her personal and professional life - as a board member of several sports associations, something her heart beats extra for. She has climbed both Kilimanjaro and ran New York Marathon, twice!


Executive Producer | Business Development | Senior Advisor | Brand Development | Mentor | Creative | Advertising | Sports Management

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