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Gia Stridbeck

Apart from exuding positive energy wherever sho goes, Gia has a knack for defining brands, refining identities or redefining killer offerings.

Her impressive client roster includes blue-chip brands within consumer goods (Fazer, Hemköp, Carlsberg), pharmacy (Apotek Hjärtat), outdoor, energy, travel (SAS), insurance (If), real estate (Hemnet) and automotive. Tapping into this vast experience, Gia will understand your business target and know how to get you there.

Superpower: Gia "gets" it - fast! She understands business, sets strategies, draws roadmaps, prioritizes and executes the relevants projects on time to propel your business growth.

Achilles heel: Too quick on the draw sometimes - Gia loves to get things done!

What's your business target? Come and chat with us, we know how to see opportunities for your brand and business.

Knock on our door at Mosebacke Torg 1 (west entrance, Södra Teatern).  Or drop us a note:

Here's just a selection of Gia's skills: 

Design strategy · Marketing · Business Strategy · Business Development · Corporate Identity · Marketing Communications · Brand Strategy · Graphic design · Brand architecture · Positioning · Advertising · Branding & Identity · Project Management · Communication · Consumer Behaviour · Branding · Visual Identity Design · Team Building · Brand Development · Digital Design · Client Relations · Packaging Design


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