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Karin Klementsson

Karin has a fantastic journey within  retail in her backpack. From pioneering years at The Body Shop to being Business Area Manager at Röhnisch, she has also worked with beauty at both NK and Åhléns and as an Operations and Sales Manager at Åhlens City. For sure a broad knowledge of both retail and wholesale.

Her strength as a leader has guided teams toward clear goals while creating an environment where success is possible and always celebrated – big and small wins.

Karin has a strong drive for the business at all levels, a business strategic thinking and an ability to create conditions for the success of others. And when she's not fine-tuning business plans, there's a good chance she's doing somersaults with her team in squad gymnastics or hurtling down from some alpine peak with the snow swirling. Always full speed with Karin, and we are so happy to have you on board.


Karin´s superpower is her ability to lead successful teams, her fantastic energy, and her inspiring leadership


Executive Producer | Business Development | Senior Advisor | Brand Development | Mentor | Creative | Advertising | Sports Management

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