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The Art of FMCG Design; How to Ensure your Product Ends Up in the Consumer's Home?

When working with FMCG products as a designer, you have fantastic opportunities to create a successful business, achieve great results, and satisfy consumers. The creative design team at ForOne has extensive experience in assisting businesses within the FMCG sector to thrive. This includes working with smaller players aiming to enter the market and established market leaders seeking business development and expansion.

One of the most crucial factors for success in the FMCG industry is establishing a strong brand and developing a well-thought-out packaging design Anders Björk, Creative Director and Founding Partner, ForOne

Remembering that you should design for more than just the customer is important. In today's competitive FMCG landscape, it is not only the customer who needs to be convinced to choose your products; you also need to persuade retailers to sell them. In other words, you must appeal to both the consumer and the retailer to earn a place on the shelf.

It is essential to understand that packaging design goes beyond just the packaging itself. Within the FMCG industry, packaging serves as a vital channel for the brand. The packaging not only carries the product but also allows the brand to exist beyond the packaging in other channels. A useful approach is to envision the brand as a world composed of different components, each playing a distinct role and representing the brand's promise. By creating a well-designed "brand world," it becomes easier to deliver the desired brand experience across various channels, such as in-store, online, digital campaigns, and advertising. Additionally, the brand world enhances the potential for expanding and innovating the brand's portfolio more efficiently.

Side note: Anders has developed "brand worlds" for iconic Swedish brands like Göteborgskex, Ballerina and Cloettas Kexchoklad. These brands evolved from being confined to packaging design to becoming dynamic and expandable brand worlds, enabling rapid brand expansion, increased sales, and greater shelf exposure.


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