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Updated: Sep 15

Knowing where to go and what things look like when you get there is super important for any team leader or company looking to go places. ForOne VisionMission© projects are designed to help stretch horizons, find opportunities, clarify a new target, plan the road ahead and get everyone engaged on a mission to reach your vision.

This is a ForOne VisionMission

ForOne has designed, developed and perfected an including, effective and engaging process to start any new business development venture. The project normally includes three basic deliverables; (1) An Opportunity Map, (2) A Vision scenario platform and (3) a mission roadmap. Final delivery also typically includes a mission activation kit (presentation & movie) and engagement workshops to energise your organisation.

It is all about teamwork!

We believe in collaborative teams of mixed people and competencies. A ForOne VisionMission team includes; A curious analytic, a creative strategist, a strategic designer and a team coach. The ForOne members are fully integrated with key stakeholders from client side and together we form a joint VisionMission team with one objective only - To set direction and get people engaged!

A proven success for big business leaders and startups

Over the years ForOne have delivered large number of VisionMisson projects for big and small companies. Successful cases include; Elon, Rusta, Plantagen, Nommon, Intil Group and Cervera. We have also used them to create our very own start-ups like CircleBlocks, Digizen, Retailers Giftroom and more. Every VisionMission is tailored to the situation and particular client. Always with a happy recipient on the other end.

What can we do for you?

Looking for new business opportunities, a clear strategy, an actionable roadmap and a energised team? Let's talk.

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Updated: May 29

The ForOne Opportunity Session is great way to energise a team, spring new business opportunities and start-up work on your next business plan.

In the ForOne Opportunity Session we collect a mixed team of highly experienced and generous analytics, creatives, strategists and coaches and we put them on a mission to work with a group of people from a company to help identify new business opportunities. It all takes place in a superfast creative session led and facilitated by highly skilled moderators. All documented i real-time.

The scope is up to you

Along with client we scope and tailor the session with one goal only, to maximise the level of value created in a short period of time. A session could be 2 hours or a day and the team could be made out a few people or a large group. The mission could be super focused on a certain area, or just open for any new ideas. It is all up to you.

For companies who look forward

In 2023 alone ForOne has performed Opportunity Sessions for brands like Enkelrum, Kang, Åre Extreme, Rusta, Coop and Leksandsbröd. All with an ambition to find new opportunities and ways to move forward with their brand and business.

What can we do for you?

To book your ForOne Opportunity Session or make any other business inquiries please contact (COO) or (CEO)

Updated: May 15

Meet our very own ballerina and Swiss exploratrice de l'espace, Cecilia Emtehag. And we are not talking about outer space, rather the ones you find on earth and in everyday life of living, working and shopping. Apart from being an intelligent mind and a lovely soul with an elegant swag, Cecilia is a super skilled space designer, visual merchandiser and concept developer specialising in retail environments. Brought up in Switzerland and with a keen eye for commercial aspects of design, she makes stores tick like SWISS clockwork at its best.


#Retail #Visualmerchandising #Storedesign #spacemanagement #storeplanning #creative #IKEA #Plantagen #Hemköp

With a long career at companies like IKEA, Hemköp and Plantagen, Cecilia finally decided to move on, join ForOne and explore life as an entrepreneur. Together we make a great team for any retailer who understands the importance of mindful and effective store designs.

I think surrounding yourself with positivity and good people challenges you to be better. People who wouldn’t have met in other circumstances come together and end up creating wonderful things. What’s not to like?

Cecilia brings a great collection of additional superpowers to ForOne. She is truly a Swiss army knife and prima ballerina in retail concept design, visual merchandising, store planning, store design, concept development, space management and much more.

We are just thrilled and super happy to have Cecilia among us. Her lovely ways and unique set of skills opens up so many new opportunities for us and for our clients!

/Helene Forsberg, CEO, ForOne


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ForOne is a collection of free agents, multi talented entrepreneurs, optimistic visionaries and true team players working together as one in a hybrid agency format. We are on a mission to help imagine, re-engineer and develop companies and we believe that anything is possible as long as we work boundlessly and fearlessly together. ForOne teams will go all in for anyone who have a genuine ambition to build a truly competitive business and make the world a better place.

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