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Lisa Hammarstrand - The cool doer

Meet the amazing Account Manager, Lisa! A superpower in managing projects, with an accurate attention to detail, ability to lead creative teams with a firm hand, and keen eye for identifying areas that need improvement - well, she´s it all in one package!

Passionate about tech and creativity, she's always curious about the journey of discovering, learning and finding ways to bridge various disciplines in cross functional teams.

With Lisa leading your projects you can rest assured that your project is in good hands, she's always one step ahead, anticipating challenges and finding creative solutions to keep the projects on track.

Can it get any better you might think? Yes, it can!

Lisa is also a humble, fun and inspiring person and; a ski enthusiast enjoying the winter season outdoors. Well, that´s a combo!


Lisa is not only a passionate skier but a wizard when it comes to making things happen and a natural ability to take a project from start to finish.

Main skills

Account management | Client management | Production management | Supporting creatives and creative processes | Solid delivery of communication initiatives |

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