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Re-engineering outdoor tech

A brand new outdoor company and brand is being created at ForOne as we speak. It is still a bit hush hush but this much we can tell you; Its about re-engineering, multi functionality and, hopefully, it is going to blow a few minds!

This is an idea that some of us at ForOne have been carrying around for a couple of years and suddenly we just had the right people to do it with. That is the beauty of ForOne Allstars. Great entrepreneurial people with mixed skillsets get together and boom, there is something new happening. /Jakob Lindberg, ForOne

For the moment the project goes under the name Strayband and the first product, we call it The Moncho , is now being designed and prototyped by our very own industrial designer Anton Åsberg.

So excited to see what people are going to think about the Moncho. It will have some very cool and unique features! /Anton Åsberg, ForOne

Testing sessions will take place very soon along with a great little group of outdoors experts. If all goes well the first product is hitting the market in the fall of 2023. Stay tuned!

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