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Business design

Rusta was already hugely successful within discount retail. With a turnover of SEK 1,7 bn and a double-digit profit, who could ask for more? Well, the founding partners did, but they also realised they needed an outside-in perspective on the case. ForOne was asked to help figure out ways to make the concept scalable with a overall goal to reach SEK 4 bn within a couple of years.

Key to Rusta's extreme growth since then has been a simple, super-effective and scalable business and brand concept. This is basically what ForOne developed together with Rusta and we are so proud that the same concept is still in place today. Rusta is an unimaginable success case with a turnover now exceeding SEK 9 bn in 2023 and with sustained profitability during a largely organic expansion.

From insight to execution

Well, ForOne pretty much did it all | Insights | Opportunity mapping | Market segmentation | Brand strategy | Brand world | Trade up strategy | CRM concept | Store concept | Store communications | Market communications | Portfolio strategy | and much much more...

“ForOne have been a highly valued partner in the successful transformation and growth of Rusta in recent years. They helped us shape our business concept and brand for greater scalability and attractiveness.” Göran Westerberg, CEO, Rusta AB

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