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Finding hidden business opportunities in your customers journey

Let's talk about #retail and specifically about the #customerjourney - an important tool for success in business, whether it concerns digital or physical trade of goods or services. The competition has definitely intensified and the customer experience is in many cases more important than the price.

At ForOne, we have gathered collective expertise in the field and a team that can support you and your company to develop a "Customer journey" or "User journey".


Reviewing the customer journey helps companies see themselves from a customer perspective, to get an overview of the touch points and see what they want to deliver and what they actually deliver, whether it concerns the analog or digital customer journey.

Together, we review and connect your customer journey to various business goals that you and your company have. Eg increase sales in a certain area, increased customer loyalty or reduced development costs.

Say hi and get in touch with the team and we'll start there:

Senior advisor & expert in issues that span above all the final stage of e-commerce and the importance of customer facing, logistics and the delivery experience where the brand journey will play an increasingly important role.

Retail expert with black belt in the physical customer meeting

UX designer who improves the customer's user experience


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