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Energise your team: Opportunity Sessions©

The ForOne Opportunity Session is great way to energise a team, spring new business opportunities and start-up work on your next business plan.

In the ForOne Opportunity Session we collect a mixed team of highly experienced and generous analytics, creatives, strategists and coaches and we put them on a mission to work with a group of people from a company to help identify new business opportunities. It all takes place in a superfast creative session led and facilitated by highly skilled moderators. All documented i real-time.

The scope is up to you

Along with client we scope and tailor the session with one goal only, to maximise the level of value created in a short period of time. A session could be 2 hours or a day and the team could be made out a few people or a large group. The mission could be super focused on a certain area, or just open for any new ideas. It is all up to you.

For companies who look forward

In 2023 alone ForOne has performed Opportunity Sessions for brands like Enkelrum, Kang, Åre Extreme, Rusta, Coop and Leksandsbröd. All with an ambition to find new opportunities and ways to move forward with their brand and business.

What can we do for you?

To book your ForOne Opportunity Session or make any other business inquiries please contact (COO) or (CEO)

ForOne is a collection of free agents, multi talented entrepreneurs, optimistic visionaries and true team players working together as one in a hybrid agency format. We are on a mission to help imagine, re-engineer and develop companies and we believe that anything is possible as long as we work boundlessly and fearlessly together. ForOne teams will go all in for anyone who have a genuine ambition to build a truly competitive business and make the world a better place.

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