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Business innovation

ForOne took on the challenge to help Elon transform its business concept and brand. It was high time. Competition in the market was fierce and getting sharper by the minute. So we set out to rethink the entire case: create a more attractive brand, open for category expansion and move into new geographical markets. And we must say, we are very proud of what we achieved together with the brilliant people at Elon.

“A very impressive strategy transformation and operational implementation achieved within a very tight timeframe that has opened up for huge business opportunities and increased brand attractiveness within existing and new markets and segments, resulting in added revenues, improved market share and increased profitability.” /Stefan Lebrot, CEO, Elon Group AB

In this case, we pretty much did it all

Business & market insights | Opportunity mapping | Market segmentation | Brand strategy | Brand world | Trade up strategy | CRM concept | Store concept | Store communications | Market communications | Portfolio strategy | and much much more...

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