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Creative strategy

Mercedes Benz were getting ready to launch its answer to electrification - The EQ concept. The engineers had made wonders but there were some uncertainties on how to go to market. ForOne was one of three worldwide case teams commissioned to come up with a viable strategy.

We dug into everything - market and consumer insights, infrastructure readiness and what not. Bottom line, we ended up with two basic suggestions: (1) Don’t let this be about electric cars. Use the force already built into the brand. (2) Raise the price tag. Supply is scarce and pricing in this category is not comparable to regular combustion engine cars.

So what happened? Well, for one thing Mercedes picked up on our strategy and launched a global campaign with world-renowned artist The Weeknd on the theme “...What do you mean? I drive a Mercedes”. Secondly, they raised the price tag per car by 100.000 SEK and instantly sold out every car on the Swedish market, earning an extra truck load of cash. A pretty good result for a 3 month project, wouldn’t you say?

”For One played a very important part in shaping our EQ concept” Björn Hauber, CEO, Mercedes Benz Nordics


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