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A do good experiment

Sometimes people get crazy ideas and we just love crazy, especially if it also contains an element of doing good. That's the Joppi® brand project in a nutshell. With some very interesting insights and hypotheses into what drives health and happiness, the Joppi® team of enthusiasts is experimenting with stuff that in one way or another inspires and empower people, especially younger generations, to be more physically and socially active in the real world.

Yes, it's a huge and sort of unfocused target, but that's just what makes it even more fun and challenging for us to fool around with. That nut to crack. So where this project will eventually take us, we have no idea, but it is a super interesting field to think about and experiment with and some day we just might have something really cool to show for that in one way or the other can have a positive impact. For now, though, we're just happy having some nice merchandise to enjoy, a registered brand and a brand symbol that people just seem to fall in love with.

That is a good start, wouldn't you say?

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If you're interested in learning more about Joppi®, contribute to our Joppi® adventure or other projects like it, please contact Who knows what opportunities a meeting could bring?

Working together. All is possible.

The For One dream is to become a positive superpower that can initiate and run projects on a global scale. Daring ventures and things that improve the living conditions for all living things on our one and only livable planet. The For One mission is to attract and co-ordinate highly skilled and collaborative individuals and companies from all sorts of disciplines and parts of the world. People who soar above geographical, cultural and mental borders. People with a strong desire to invent, reinvent and develop great things. Together we can complete our mission. So let’s join forces, change the world for the better - and have a great time doing it.

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