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Georg Sievert - A curious analyst

All teams need a thinker. That brilliantly curios and thoughtful person who constantly turns stuff over and brings food for thought. This person is Georg Sievert. Our very own curly guy that we just love to have by our side at all times.

With a long career as a strategist, project leader and marketeer, both as a consultant and client, Georg is a greatly appreciated and highly engaged member of the For One collective. Working his magic as a senior consultant and advisor for clients on multiple projects. Also contributing to building the For One brand and honing our start-up ventures.


Curiosity and analytical brilliance, always a generous contributor of those contemplations that make new ideas pop.

Akilles heel:

Can lose himself in details. But that’s all good, someone needs to!

Main skills:

Insights & analysis | Marketing management | Business & brand development | Project management | Brand innovation | Design management | Retail concepts | and more...

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