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Custom designed apparel at your service with Dennis Lindgren

In 2020, For One started a new business area along with experienced apparel designer Dennis Lindgren. Together we are targeting primarily the staff wearables and private label market for apparel.

"Dennis has proven to be a wonderful and skilled team player. It's a perfect fit for us and I believe that together we will make wonders in developing apparel for our clients, their staff and their customers."

Says Helene Forsberg, CEO of 41ALL AB

For One has already a proven track record in staff wearables and successfully launched the Gardener's Essentials for Plantagen (read more).

We have found that retailers are looking to build unique private label assortments to raise margins and stand out from the crowd. Meanwhile, employers need to care for their co-workers to build their customer experience and employer brand. For One can now cater and add value to both customer categories, combining strategic guidance with unique and custom-designed assortments.

"I have found a very interesting platform in For One. Combining our experiences and skills, we will be able to offer something truly unique to a lot of companies out there."

Says Dennis Lindgren, Apparel designer at 41ALL AB

For One custom design apparel services includes:

Opportunities mapping | Portfolio strategy | Product design | Prototyping | Sourcing & manufacturing

For more information, please contact our CEO or Apparel Designer


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