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Insights driven business development

Meet our duo of insight specialists, Anna and Lisa from VAKN. With a collective experience of over 40 years in insight-driven business development, they have served as trusted advisors to some of the largest consumer businesses in Sweden and the Nordics.

Anna and Lisa firmly believe in the power of market-driven business development as a catalyst for growth and profitability and help clients develop their business, brand, or communication through market insights. They map positions, identify target groups, evaluate potential, analyse movements, highlight opportunities and threats, and anticipate future movements.

They move freely between different research methods and data sources and spend a lot of their time generating critical business insights. But insights are never the end goal. The goal is to help clients choose the right path, to develop and to reach their full business potential.


Team VAKN´s superpower is undoubtedly their ability to identify opportunities based on accurate analysis and insight.


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