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Jakob Lindberg, Founding partner

After 18 years as a business leader, entrepreneur and consultant, with several consultancies and startups on his resume, Jakob got to work on a long marinated dream of creating the perfect hub for business development projects. And in 2015, along with Anders Björk, he co-founded For One.

Jakob might best be described as a business-oriented, pragmatic and hands-on strategic creative who is at his best when the scope is big, multidimensional and challenging. Always with an eye on what really matters - the bottom line. Today Jakob is Chairman of the board and one of four partners in 41ALL AB. Among other things, he is responsible for our business laboratory.


Connecting dots and envisioning things. Stupid enough not to let difficulty be a barrier and with an unwavering belief that everything is possible. Always.

Akilles heel:

Allergic to big egos, sub-optimization and political BS. Also unable not to get superexcited by new ideas.

Main skills:

Creative strategy | Business & brand development | Project management | Design management | Innovation | Start-ups | Business management | Strategic advisory | Marketing | New business | Retail development | Digital business | Networking | Sourcing | and more

Learn more:


+46 (0)70 492 7328


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