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Marcus Wibergh

With over 20 years of experience in top management positions in the Nordic retail landscape, Marcus has an impressive track record of navigating companies, through both growth and change, including successful turnarounds. Among other things also as CEO of Intersport Sverige AB/Löplabbet and in leading roles at XXL All Sports United and Stadium.

With a backpack full of knowledge, inspiration and a lot of humor, he also shares our passion to always prioritizing customer benefit and delivering high-quality results - regardless of industry. For Marcus, an inclusive and unpretentious work environment is a priority and over the years he has developed a keen sense of people's skills and potential,

knowing what it takes to build successful organizations and teams.

“As a person, I am value-driven and I want to work in a strong culture, or be part of developing and implement a new corporate culture in a business”

Marcus is always in for the team - goal-oriented and a clear, passionate, and unpretentious leader who with courage and curiosity loves to challenge conventions and processes.

We are incredibly excited to spar with Marcus on various projects and to continue to build successful businesses.


Marcus' superpower is his ability to always stay on top of things, and being result-oriented he likes to challenge himself and the business with courage and curiosity.


| Business development | Leadership | Management | CRM | Marketing strategy & Communication | Consumer experience | Retail | B2B | B2C | Assortment strategy | Supply |

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